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Saffron Brunch- Dubai


At the end of January, I had the pleasure of hosting two of my dear friends from college. Preparing for their visit was exciting, my cousin had visited a couple of weeks prior, so I had an idea of the activities that may or may not be a hit for my friends but since they had a shorter visit I had to streamline everything. After speaking with some UAE veterans (anyone who has lived in this country longer than I), I decided to take my friends to Saffron Brunch in Dubai.

Most people who live in Abu Dhabi or Dubai have heard of Saffron, even if they haven’t been to visit. It’s known for its party-like atmosphere, endless food, and free-flowing drinks. I was waiting for the perfect occasion to visit so when I briefed my friends on the place and they agreed, I was excited. Saffron Brunch operates from noon until 5 p.m. The brunch is located on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. Since we were advised to stay the night because of the party-like atmosphere we found an Airbnb close to the Palm. On the morning of…we woke up, had breakfast and drove the hour and a half to Dubai. Since our Airbnb check-in wasn’t until 3p.m., we found a restaurant to change into our Saffron attire in (classy, right lol).

Approaching the location was like a dream come true! There was free valet (yaaaaaas, perks!), and our welcome drink consisted of some crisp, light, champagne. After taking our entry picture we entered the brunch and were amazed. There was a plethora of food (if you enjoy Asian cuisine) and tons of drinks. The service was also wonderful. After brunch, the Palm offers free shuttle rides and entry to the rooftop bar, N’Dulge that is connected to the hotel. So, if you aren’t quite ready to go home there is a option to stay and have some classy fun instead of going home in a slumber.

I attached some photos below of our time at Saffron and some tips for those of you who come to Dubai and want to visit. Enjoy!

  1. Come early.
  2. Dress up!
  3. Stay hydrated.
  4. Have fun!

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